Increase efficiency while reducing errors

Optimize each of your customer interactions with NextSys CTI. As a call is delivered to an agent, the desktop application is autopopulated with accurate customer data. Streamlining this process reduces customer identification errors, while allowing agents to process a higher volume of calls both faster and easier.

Dynamic call routing improves the customer experience

Efficient and dynamic call delivery ensures that each call is delivered quickly and to the appropriate agent for the subject of the call. Customers are processed more effectively and feel that your call center knows and understands them.

Effectively authenticate each customer

Integrated systems ensure that data is transferred effectively so that your customers only need to provide their information at one touchpoint, reducing repetition and increasing customer satisfaction.

We integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure

We protect your prior investments by integrating seamlessly with major telephony environments including Cisco and Avaya and common desktop applications including Salesforce, CSG, Amdocs and more.

NextSys Applications

By gathering contact center statistical information to determine routing rules and optimum load balancing, the NextSys solution can effectively and quickly route calls to the appropriate contact centers. This helps:

Reduce operational costs through more balanced staff levels and better management of peak-level requirements

Improve customer service levels by shortening hold times and reducing the number of abandoned calls

Increase first-call resolution by routing calls to the most qualified agents

See how NextSys CTI can streamline your contact center.

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