Process customers more efficiently with reduced transaction times

Customers expect their sensitive information to be securely processed and protected. With iGuard, your customers will enter their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) using their touchtone telephone keypad during a live call with the agent.

Your CSRs can quickly verify and submit information to your back-end systems without ever being exposed to your customer’s sensitive information. iGuard reduces average transaction times and increases first call resolution.

We take security so seriously that we exceed PCI standards

As a PCI PA-DSS Validated application, iGuard prevents sensitive data from traversing across applications, the network and throughout your telephony environment.

iGuard exceeds contact center PCI protection standards by eliminating Personal Identifiable Information (PII) exposure to the call recording system, agent and agent desktops. iGuard enhances compliance and audit protection.

Guard your brand by guarding your customer's sensitive information

iGuard protects your customer, saves time and drives customer satisfaction. iGuard eliminates the need to transfer the customer to another system or route to another organization to manage sensitive information. iGuard preserves first call resolution and improves customer satisfaction.

With iGuard, customers simply use their telephone keypad to securely enter their sensitive information. Customers embrace this safe and efficient approach to managing their private information.

iGuard reduces your costs in multiple areas

iGuard is easy to implement, providing immediate compliance and return on investment within weeks. iGuard’s software-only solution is simple to scale and leverages your existing infrastructure and environment.

With iGuard’s agile pay-as-you-go model you can replace upfront capital expense with low variable cost and pay only for what you use. There is no need to pay upfront for excess capacity or get penalized for under planning.

Improve customer satisfaction rates

Happy customers are ones that spend less time waiting for help, have their transactions handled quickly and efficiently, and feel that their information is being protected. iGuard helps make all of this possible.

How iGuard Works

iGuard is as an extension of IntraNext’s proven computer telephony integration (CTI) software. It runs on customer-provided hardware within the call center’s network and telephony infrastructure. No sensitive information is stored within the iGuard application.

iGuard works with many call center systems, including:


See it in Action

This video demo demonstrates how iGuard provides added security and time savings while increasing your customers' peace of mind and satisfaction.

Watch as a customer securely and privately enters their sensitive data and the agent is able to provide excellent customer service without the liability of seeing or hearing the information.

Industry Leading Accreditation

Your customers' trust is valuable, so we ensure that we meet and exceed industry compliance.

*The PCI Security Standards Council Participating Organization logo is a trademark or service mark of The PCI Security Standards Council in the United States and in other countries.

Portions of iGuard licensed under Western Union US Patent No. 8,582,764,filed March 24, 2003 and issued November 12, 2013.

Try a demo of iGuard today to see how we provide the ultimate protection for your customers' sensitive information.

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